Strategic Analysis of dual sourcing and dual channel with an unreliable alternative supplier

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主讲人简介:牛保庄,华南理工大学工商管理学院教授,博导,2017年度教育部“青年长江学者”,2018年国家优青。广东省政协委员。本、硕、博分别毕业于山东大学、华南理工大学和香港理工大学。目前已在运营管理领域发表顶级期刊论文10篇,包括MSOM  2篇,POM 5篇,TRB  3篇,另有28篇文章发表在EJOR, Omega等知名期刊。任MSMSOM, POM, TRB20余种重要期刊审稿人。获中国管理学青年奖,广东省哲学社会科学优秀成果二等奖(排名第1)三等奖(通讯作者)各一次,中国决策科学青年科技奖等多个奖项。

讲座内容:In today's increasingly interconnected world, co-opetition due to the introduction of dual sourcing (for alternative supplier) and dual channel (for alternative profit) has emerged as a new business practice among the high-tech firms. The boundaries between cooperation and competition have been becoming vague, where rivals engage in collaborative activities.  This study develops an analytical model to investigate the dual sourcing decision of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the presence of a competitive supplier (i.e. frenemy) as well as a non-competitive supplier who nevertheless suffers from unreliable production technology. We also investigate the competitive supplier's dual channel decision if it prefers operating both component-selling business and self-branded business. Finally, we investigate the credibility of competitive supplier's threat to stop supplying the components to OEM as a response of OEM's engagement of a new supplier. We show that the termination of component-selling business by competitive supplier is a non-credible threat to prevent OEM seeking the alternative supplier.